Better Mix

The X4™ is our best robotic pool cleaner to date. Industry-leading pumps efficiently cycle up to 85 gallons per-minute for the best water mixing capability available. The Aquabots' powerful jets free up more dirt and debris, giving you a clearer, cleaner pool. Other pool cleaners can’t match the superior water mixing and leave areas of stagnation that require more harmful chemicals to stay clean.


Better Filtration

The Aquabot X4™ has refined the best robotic pool cleaner filtration system in the industry to capture more dirt and debris and make your pool clearer than ever thought possible. The X4's ultra-fine mesh filter baskets are easy to access and capture everything from large debris to small particulate down to 2 microns - that’s better filtration than most drinking water filters!

Right Angle

Right Angle

less chemicals

Fewer Chemicals for a

Healthier Clean

Better mixing and filtration means that your pool stays cleaner and requires fewer chemicals, giving you a fresher and healthier clean. We believe that water starts pure and should remain as close to nature as can be so that you and your family are safe, happy and healthy.

Your pool is taken care of. Now go enjoy it.

Taking it All in

Enhanced Filtration

Best-in-class filters handle more dirt and debris than any other cleaning method. Two oversized filter baskets hold an impressive 190 cubic inches and capture fine particles and contaminants down to 2 microns in size. So you can get in more cleaning cycles before having to clean the filter baskets. The control panel conveniently alerts you when the filters do need cleaning and the top-loading filter baskets are easy to remove and clean in seconds. The X4 combines best-in-class filter capacity with best-in-class filtration, so your pool doesn’t just look cleaner; it’s the cleanest it can be.

190 cubic inch debris capacity pool cleaner filter

Like a Fine-Tooth Comb

Performance Cleaning

Typically, only 1% of pool contaminants are suspended in the water. Our goal is to enable you to have the cleanest pool possible. That’s why we built our robotic pool cleaners to scrub and clean all of your pool. The durable micro-brushes on Aquabot X4 cleaner scrubs your pool clean, from floor to waterline and everywhere in between. The rotating micro-brush agitates the surface and loosens up stubborn dirt, debris, algae and bacteria as it moves, including along the walls and waterline where contaminants can build up.

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Explore More Features & Options

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aquabot caddy

Pool Robot Caddy

An included Robot Caddy makes transporting the X4 to and from your pool easier than ever. The convenient design allows for easy transportation of the robot, the power supply and the floating power cable.

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aquabot 4 wheel drive


True 4-Wheel Drive

The X4 runs on a true 4WD system to conquer all pool shapes and surfaces, including tile. The drive system powers all four wheels for superior grip and 90 degree pool floor to wall transitions, with minimal slipping on all surfaces.

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aquabot caddy


Simple Operation

The straightforward interface on the included power supply enables users to quickly and easily control the Aquabot robot. You can set cleaning cycles, frequency and even receive notifications when the filter needs cleaning, all through the convenient control panel.

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